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Nobody Cares on October 23, 2007

I can’t get my work done, my kid had an operation, the rented video is busted, and the downstairs toilet is not only stuffed up, but the flushing handle doesn’t work.

Nobody cares.

Likewise, nobody cares about these culled tidbits from around the blogosphere:
1. J.Lo is preggers. Duh. Do we really need an announcement [ more…]?

2. After transmorgifying her image from this to this, we all know Tara Reid is just a washed up has been in bimbo’s clothing. Everybody knows they’re fake, dahling. Why bother with surgery when you have such a pretty face[ more…]?

3. Speaking of face, Britney changed some features of her own face the other day, then covered up to avoid the ever present paparazzi. Don’t worry, Britney’s mom, this too shall pass. [more…].

4. Eddie Izzard and Keifer Sutherland. Separated at birth? You be the judge [ more…].

5. Kim Kardashian continues to hang out in all the right places. After all, it was the woman’s birthday. But why the body obsession? The more I read and see about Kim’s tush and tiddies, the more I want to hurl. [ more…].

Well that’s a wrap. And nobody cares.