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Escaped Mayor of Munchkinland Resembles Andy Hardy

Someone better tell Mickey Rooney that red makes him look like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. No? Well then how about the mayor of Munchkinland? He’s certainly the right height. Hoarding old Judy Garland cast-offs again, are we Hardy boy?

Is this guy still ticking? Geez, I thought he kicked the bucket years ago. Must be the oldest living legend in Hollywood.

The costumes were all in good fun. Notables Tina O’Brien, Paul Michael Glaser, and Nigel Havers, along with a scad of lesser knowns joined Mickey and Jane yesterday for the First Family Entertainment Pantomime Season Launch party. Too bad this gala happened across the pond. Looks like jolly good fun.

Here’s wishing Mickey another 120 years!


Paula Abdul Hides Plastic Surgery While Simon Says All

Looking for comment from American Idol Judge Paula Abdul about the plastic surgery related death of Kanye West’s mother, a TMZ cameraman dug a little too deep. Not that Paula was miffed as described, but clearly she had no interest in discussing her experiences under the knife.

Anyone can see from before and after photos that Paula is no stranger to plastic enhancement. So she had a big shnoz, tarantula thick eyebrows, flat cheek bones, and an A cup. It’s the person inside who counts. On the other hand … enough said. Has anyone seen this woman’s reality TV show?

These days it’s getting harder and harder to find anyone in the entertainment industry who hasn’t had a little nip or tuck. Even her cohort, Simon Cowell, admits Continue reading

Malibu Fires Send Mel Gibson Packing

I don’t get it. Don’t Malibu firemen understand that some stars don’t need to be evacuated from encroaching flames?

Yep, it’s true. The wildfires have spread to Malibu. However, unlike mere mortals, some people are more at home among the terrifying flames. Some, who have made pacts with you know who, truly relish the searing heat, attendant mayhem, and mind numbing destruction. Oh yes, there are a few.

To understand what I mean, take a good hard look at the subject matter of Mel’s latest projects. Gore, torture, mutilation — it’s all there in living technicolor. When people begin to see Mel for who he really is — a biggot spewing booze swilling hack with tons of money and no real friends to show for it — they’ll understand my disdain.

There are more important things in life than having gobs of money and a copious lifestyle. Like knowing when to keep yer trap shut. Mel must have missed that lesson. Probably too busy pitching whatever.

Ann Coulter Savaged for Bashing Jews and Judaism

The Britney Spears of the conservative movement, a blemish on the face of “kinder, gentler, compassionate conservatism.” A Connecticut anorexic in King Arthur’s Court. A transvestite refugee from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So refers Michael Savage from his beleaguered talk show fest, The Savage Nation, to none other than Ms. Ann Coulter.

Wow. The shark turning against one of its own, such a rarity in politics (wink). Then again, I can always count on Savage to speak his mind, not his party line. Problem is, sometimes he goes a tad too far. Last night’s rebroadcast was no exception.

It all started on Monday when Coulter appeared on Donny Deutsch’s CNBC show, The Big Idea. Seemingly out of nowhere, Coulter began a spew against Jews. Her anti-Semitic vitriol rankled Savage so badly, he devoted more than half of yesterday’s broadcast lambasting and pummeling Coulter into dog meat. To add insult to injury, all but one of his callers received a tongue-lashing for failing to echo his outrage. One allegedly Orthodox Jew said he didn’t see Coulter’s comments as anti-Semitic because she only parroted the fundamental Christian doctrines she was raised to believe. Savage ordered him to “grow some balls,” warning he would be one of the first people tortured in a Polish pogrom. Yes, old Mike was in rare form.

So, what exactly did Coulter say? Mmmm, basically that Jews are imperfect beings because they don’t believe Jesus was/is the messiah, and that America would be a better place if all Americans were Christians. But don’t rely on a paraphrase. Read for yourself Coulter’s final attempt to worm her way out of the point of no return:

I have to say, I was slightly offended when Coulter insinuated women should lose the right to vote because they elect Democratic presidents. But this latest bit of Jew baiting is downright unseemly. Not selling enough books, so let’s whip up a media frenzy by picking on the “purple state” Jewish host of a niche cable program. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Bad publicity is better than no publicity, or so they say. Too bad Coulter didn’t get the memo about the bigot exception. Her obvious bias against Jews is too palpable to ignore. The inevitable reaction of a closet Klanner desperate to plug a book destined for the dusty dollar bin.

Ann, darling, your 15 minutes is up. Make sure not to trip as you step off the stage. Ooops, too late.

Savage was right to be outraged. Ann should get the hook, the quicker the better. My problem with Savage arose later in the program. After advocating for harmonious understanding and peaceful co-existence between Jews and Christians, Savage blasted some priest for ministering to homosexuals. Taking up the cause of one vulnerable population only to beat down another struck me as hypocritical and self-serving. A real turn off that dulled his message about Coulter, to say the least.

If Savage intends to use his talk show to make the world a better place, as he claims, then he should try harder to fake a social conscious. Or at least save the gay bashing for a different broadcast.

Christian Groups Angry Over Kathy Griffin Remarks

Did plastic surgery enhanced Kathy Griffin really say, “Suck it Jesus, this is my god now,” then kiss her new Emmy and walk off the stage? Apparently, this did in fact happen last Saturday at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

The national news media didn’t give this outburst too much attention and network execs plan to edit her comments out of the upcoming Prime Time Emmys. I suppose the driveby news media thought if they didn’t report it, it would just go away like it never happened.

Well, they’d better think again. As of today, word of her malapropism is being broadcast from all the right wing talk radio stations. I’d say by some time tomorrow, after the deluge of e-mails, her agents are going to strongly suggest a public apology.

Did Kathy go too far this time? Why should the politically correct police exempt Christians from their purge?

Unfortunately, I won’t be around to post about it. The Spewker will be out of commission until Sunday morning. But don’t let that discourage anyone from enjoying all the tasy features on the site. Until then…

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Lindsay Lohan Arrested Yet Again

I don’t know why I’m doing this. Maybe I have blog bite envy, or maybe I’ve just spent too much time at my laptop.

This story broke not too long ago on, of all places, FoxNews. Yep. Suspicion of DUI and cocaine. Awwww, and coming on the heels of her picture perfect day at Polaroid Beach with unidentified BFF. Michael and Dina are probably spewking (unless I’ve scooped them as well).

I just want to hold the post time over the slackers on the left coast. Unless one of those bloggers is up at 6:39 a.m., I’ve got this field all to myself. Details on this one to follow.

Okay, I’m back. It’s 6:15 p.m. EST. Did my little blog item even get a first page search result on Google? No. Did anyone leave a comment? No such luck. Sigh. I pinged it, and Digged it, and posted it everywhere. Guess there’s more to getting noticed than just being an early bird. Perhaps the pundits are right. Perhaps content does count. It’s not just being the first to go to press afterall. So much to learn. So little time.

Right now, there is nothing but Lindsay’s arrest plastered across every form of news media in the known world. She has/had a guest spot on Leno tonight…wonder if it got cancelled. Duh. She probably won’t make it to her own movie premiere this evening. Predictions are rampant about the impending demise of her career. Could the situation be any more dire?

I’m getting pretty disgusted with all the news coverage devoted to Hollywood bad girls. Someone should develop a cable entertainment channel, call it Party Hollywood, and do nothing but cover the Hollywood party scene. The camera crew and bevy of hot hosts could then act as a third eye at all the high profile gatherings in and about town, impromptu and scheduled. They’d not only attend award shows, club parties, parties at the Playboy manse, backstage parties, and premieres, but also troll the streets of Brentwood, Bel Air, Venice, Fairfax, even Malibu ready to video partying at a moment’s notice. For filler, they could broadcast images of party girls Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Tara, Nicole, Kimberly, Shannon, and any other lollipop joining the fray. I’ll bet if someone had thought of this sooner, they might have caught old firecr**ch speeding after that driver and, who knows, might have even saved her tail by nipping that fateful argument in the bud.

But then who would everyone gossip and make videos about?

British Invasion of Katie and Peter

It’s not Becks and Posh. It’s not an interminable flashback to Princess Diana. It’s not even the Painting Smoocher. This time, I’m afraid the American soil onslaught consists of far more inconsequential protoplasm.

I’m referring to none other than Katie and Peter. Who are these people and why should I care? Is anyone watching this reality show?

Putting aside how they are individually unrecognizable and therefore must forever traverse the entertainment world as their sickeningly cute linking moniker, does either one possess even an iota of talent? Besides having the hots for one another, I mean. If one could even call that a talent.

I wish the biz would stop trying to force acts like this down the throats of the American public. How these people play together and stay together is of no concern to me. I already know the answer. It’s called moolah, as in money makes the world go around. And when this British import’s fifteen minutes expire and the do re mi dwindles to regular people proportions, nubile Katie and comely Peter will be faced with the same challenges as the rest of us. Then again, with celebrities, this usually boils down to whether it’s worth putting up with each other’s nonsense, or time to move on to the next titillating prey. I know. I know. They have a new baby. Does this romp get any more mediocre?

Yeah. That’s right. I’ve seen this one act play before. If anyone knows whether My Fair Brady is still in production, feel free to drop me a line. On second thought, don’t bother.

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