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    Although relatively new, Gazelle Snowflake already works the interview scene like a pro. Her understated charm and sex appeal can turn big name stars into putty at the flick of a microphone. Before they realize what they're up against, they've gone and spilled another exclusive. Keep working that mojo, Gazelle!


    Spence the Intern's unconventional appeal has a way with celebrities. Spence appeals to them for interviews and celebrities run the other way, right into the clutches of one of our more palatable correspondents. But, seriously, Spence is a real asset to our team. His family ties to Red Carpet Politics' primary sponsor are so meaningless as to be laughable, unless you're one of the other thousands of college students who applied for the position of Intern Correspondent, but couldn't get a foot in the door.

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Writers Guild Impasse Gives John Stamos Reason to Smile

John Stamos photo courtesy of Alan LightRefusing to follow the lead of the Broadway Stagehands Union who reopened New York plays by ending their strike in time for the holidays, members of the Writers Guild of America remain on the picket line. Talks to end the “no end in sight” strike broke down last week after production companies and studio heads refused to cede an acceptable share of the pie. The strike resulted in cancellation of yesterday’s planned Democratic debate in Los Angeles. Hollywood employees who depend upon ongoing productions for income also are feeling scrooged for the holidays. 

But at least one Hollywood hottie is jazzed over the writers’ hard line response: Former Full House star and current E.R. hunk, John Stamos

Continue reading


Jennifer Aniston Photographed Sunbathing in the Nude

Sex sells. Ask anyone. Given the choice between the purity of content and the almighty dollar, what is a blogger to do?

In a perfect world, my answer would be, “Why, purity of content, certainly.” This is, after all, a world we want our children to inherit, right? On the other hand, a person has to eat. Alas, we do not live in a perfect world. These are real choices each of us must grapple with every day.

Lately, Jennifer Aniston has been stirring up the paps, but for all the wrong reasons. Continue reading

Man With Bomb Threatens Clinton New Hampshire Headquarters

Hillary knows she’s got trouble in the latest polls. That’s why she’s in Vienna, Virginia today for a Democratic pow-wow rather than her campaign headquarters in Rochester, New Hamphire.

This story is still breaking, so not much to report. Some crazy person with a bomb strapped around his torso burst into Clinton’s Rochester campaign headquarters demanding a face to face. Some hostages were released, but according to reports, some innocent campaign workers are still being held inside. Oh wait, now they’re saying all the hostages have been released. I certainly hope so.

The rise in these type of incidents for the sake of publicity is despicable. I hope the media doesn’t waiver from a description of this looney toon as the “nutjob with salt and pepper hair.” Giving this low-life an identity is far too good for him.

Disagree with Clinton’s politics, sure, but incidents like this give me the willies.

CNN/YouTube Republican Debate Bathes Candidates in New Light

For people who hadn’t yet had an opportunity to watch the top Republican presidential candidates spar, Wednesday’s CNN/YouTube debate was an eye opener. As Rudy started blasting his very worthy opponent over illegal domestic help, I swear I saw Romney extend his arm with a certain covert hand gesture. All morning long, I’ve been poring over Joe Raedle’s Getty images. Almost bought one to display here, but the cost far exceeded the blog’s monthly income. Editorial image #78138383, third from the bottom of the page clearly indicates some bad vibes going on. If the link ceases to function three years from now, this spewked version essentially conveys the same idea.

Maybe Mormons on the campaign trail aren’t as pious as they’d have everyone believe. Continue reading

David Beckham Exchanging Hongis and Who Knows What Else

David Beckham exchanged hongis with local politicians, women in traditional paint, Maori dancers and bare-chested warriors after touching down in Wellington, New Zealand for a soccer exposition. Cultural exchange is a good thing, but these photographs suggest exchanges of something more than just goodwill. Continue reading

A Must Read for All Supporters of Hillary Clinton

I originally wrote the following article exclusively for BlogCritics, but I must say, I have been blown away by the comments. Guess I’m used to civility in a courtroom. People can be so brutal when they don’t speak face to face. I’m not one to shy away from controversy, in fact, I rather enjoy it. But comments like “idiot,” “shameful,” “ridiculous,” “not an iota of brains,” and worse have no place in the blogosphere. Let’s all just agree to disagree, make our points, and move on, shall we? No need to become personally offensive.

Feel free to post your comments here as well. If possible, keep the venom to a minimum.

Color me woman overboard from the Hillary Express. A lifelong Democrat, I cannot imagine a worse fate for my political party, or for that matter the United States of America, than bringing this ship to port.

Democratic candidates who can win next November do, in fact, exist. Continue reading

Molly Shannon is Tidy Bowlicious

Molly Shannon seems to be everywhere lately. Here, the Year of the Dog star dedicates a new squeezably soft public restroom in Times Square, New York, NY. Steven Soifer and the ARA would be so proud.

Sorry, but with this week’s spotlight on bathroom humor, I couldn’t resist.

Wonder how long it will take until the place is totally trashed.